A little bit of history Napton cidery is a small family run business set up with lots of help from friends and family. We made our first batch of cider in 2012 and in the summer of 2015 we believed our recipe was good enough to share with everyone. Thus Napton Cidery was born. The business moved into a small warehouse on the farm were we live which is just the right size for our operation.
Our Story We are a family run craft Cider producer hidden in the heart of the Warwickshire countryside. Our cider is made from carefully selected apple orchards in Napton and surrounding villages. Some of our ciders requires special cider apples which we harvest from a few well kept orchards in Warwickshire, Somerset, Shropshire, Gloucester and Herefordshire. All of these are from privately owned orchards. Some of these are registered organic and we are hoping to release certified organic cider in the near future. Our apples are transported back to our cidery in Napton where they are washed, scattered and finally pressed into juice. We produce seasonal apple juice, craft cider, perry, cider vinegar. Our apple brandy is currently made under contract. In early 2018 we will hopefully have our own still for manufacturing apple and fruit based spirits.
Our Ciders Here are our 5 best sellers Vintage Cider 4.6% Medium cider Hillside Haze 5.3% Medium-sweet cider Jolly Nice 5.6% Medium-sweet cider Scrumpy Tart 6.4% Dry Cider Black Currant Blush 4% fruit cider We have a great selection of single variety and blended ciders available seasonally from our farm shop and online store, local shops and pubs. Some examples are below Red Devil, Katy, Tremlett Bitter, Yarlington Mill, Dabinett, Harry Master Jersey, Kingston Black, Thorn Perry, Brandy Perry, Kevin's Perry, Whiskey Cask Cider, Bordeaux Cask Cider, Apple Liqueurs and Apple Brandy.